Back To School – General Organizing Tips

Hi, I’m Lisa, founder of Clutterly, wishing all of my family’s a clutter-free, joy-filled school year. 

General Tips

Before school starts, set up a designated study area for you’re the children, such as the kitchen table.  But for unique assignments, allow for some flexibility such as moving to a rocking chair for reading chapter books.  Create a school supply box and keep it well stocked with supplies (papers, pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, ruler, sticky notes, calculator, etc.) so the little ones don’t have an excuse to get up.

School papers that need to be referenced daily or weekly (such as lunch menus and calendars) can be attached to a bulletin board in the kitchen or on the refrigerator.  If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, magnets won’t stick.  In that case, a great option is Scotch® Reusable Tabs!  They are sticky on both sides so you can post papers on your fridge with ease.

It’s never too early (or too late) to teach children how to get and stay organized with schoolwork.  The skills they learn now will carry over into high school, college, and ultimately, their careers and home and career management as adults.  Encourage the use of lists and planners.  When they learn of upcoming assignments, tests or events, teach them to it down in their planners.  It’s very cool.

Why do we put off until tomorrow what we can do today?  Because it’s usually something we don’t want to do.  Did you know that doing things you don’t want to do first has a positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being?  Having something you don’t want to do hanging over your head occupies space with negative energy.  By completing the task you don’t want to do first, you clear away negative energy in exchange for positive.  How great is that? Just try doing your worst chores first and see how it makes you feel.

Resource Recommendation

 Don’t toss your sensitive financial papers in the trash.  Take the time to shred them!  If you have too much to handle at home, take them to Office Max.  This nationwide chain offers shredding for just 59 cents per pound.  Visit for details.

Inspirational Quote

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  ~ Walt Disney

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