Holiday Organizing Tips – Colorado Springs

You have three bags full of bows but can’t find the wrapping paper. Gifts are thrown around every room of your home, and you can’t figure out who they’re for. The holiday season is stressful enough. Home organization and the ability to declutter the mess that’s lying around your house, will make the season a little less stressful.

So, where do you begin? If you’re looking for some simple tips for staying organized, during this chaotic and hectic holiday season, we have some solutions to try out.

Bin Storage… Keep it Clear

Storage bins are a great addition to your attic or garage when storing away items for the holiday season. And, clear plastic bins are the way to go. In addition to easily seeing what’s inside, it gives you more incentive to keep the bins neat, since visitors can easily see how much of a mess (and hoarder) you are, if they’re not neat. You can even keep bins organized by season/holiday. This allows you to easily maintain order, and avoid bringing out the Orange and Brown, when it’s time for Red and Green.

Label Away…When You Can’t See Inside

Bring out the label maker. Make labels to place on your storage bins so you know where items are.

  • Wrapping paper
  • Ornaments
  • Lights
  • Bows, tape, and wrapping supplies
  • Photos
  • Holiday cards

When you know where things are, and what’s in those boxes/bins, you don’t have to pull them out and open them one by one. This eliminates making a huge mess around your house, keeping items in their respective place, and everything neat and organized where it should be.

Take Inventory First

A major tip to help you declutter an otherwise cluttered home is to take inventory. Sure, you love the penguin wrapping paper that comes with 20 rolls online. But, if you already have five rolls of unopened wrapping paper from last year, do you really need to add another 20? No! The same goes with the bows, Christmas lights and ornaments.

Dig into the attic and garage before you go out buying items for decorating and wrapping supplies. If the lights are blown out and don’t turn on when you plug them in, don’t simply toss them into a box and buy more. Toss them out and invest in some LED lights that will last for the next 10-15 years.

When you know what you already have, you know what you don’t have to buy. It’s great for saving money and keeping your home clutter free, during this season that tends to get hectic and overly packed.

The holidays can be a stressful time and with temperatures dropping to remind us of just how soon they will be here, by implementing just a few simple tricks, they can be a lot less hectic. If by December 1st you’re feeling a little less merry, and ready for some help, come visit us at or call us at (719) 645-8277. Clutterly is here to help with your home or office organization project, no matter how large or small. ear to roll around, let us help! With out professional home organization tips, we’ll teach you the proper way to declutter the mess, eliminate chaos, and maintain that merry cheerful attitude, well beyond December 25th.

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