How It All Began

Hello, my name is Lisa Saucedo, and I’m the founder of Clutterly. As a child, I grew up in a household with twelve-family members and learned at a very young age the importance of taking care of my things. There was always a lot going on in my household; lots of hands and moving parts. Surviving the chaos of an overly active household required honed organizational skills.
Those early years were formative, not only did I find a sense of peace in this process of organizing, but I learned how to do things that preserved and protected what was mine. I learned how to fold my garments in ways that maximized the little space I had; I learned to dispose of things that were not useful to me. I always knew what I had and could find it when I needed it. It brought me peace.

Grooming of a Business

As I grew into an adult, I took my passion for organization and turned it into a career. For more than thirty years, I have been serving billion-dollar corporations as a performance coach and senior executive, helping transform workplaces, business systems, and personal spaces (homes, home offices, garages, kitchens, closets), into clutter-free environments.

Recently, I made a life-changing decision to turn my passion into a business aimed at helping as many people as possible experience the power and beauty of living clutter-free.