At Clutterly, our methods and plans are customized to suit our clients’ needs and wants. We apply a no-judgment approach to our powerful process, which can be as hands on as needed or adapted for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Lisa is a certified practicing Life Coach for over fifteen years and is thrilled to now be using her coaching skills with clients who dream of creating de-cluttered, organized spaces.


Our Process

Our process begins with an assessment that includes a planning conversation and a physical tour of the space.

During the Assessment, we’ll ask questions about your vision, your lifestyle, what works in the space and what doesn’t. When we have a good sense of what your needs are, we will customize our process to create your personalized step-by-step Plan.

Once you give us the green light, we begin the Inventory, De-Clutter, Sort, and Organize phases. We will coach you through each step of the process until the project is completed and your vision realized. You will learn new skills and ways to maintain your new beautiful space. The transformation you create is permanent and guaranteed to spill over into many other aspects of your life.

Our Specialties


Home Organization

Whether it’s one room or the entire house, Clutterly is here to help.


Overwhelmed with the task of packing or unpacking? Clutterly is here to be your hands-on partner, or we can come up with a Do - It - Yourself Plan that will provide you with a step-by-step process to follow on your own.



Need inspiration or someone with a fresh set of eyes to help you realign your new environment? Clutterly is here to help.


Senior Needs

Moving from or having to go through the home of a loved one can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. Clutterly provides a high-touch, sensitive service that supports the entire family through the difficult process.


Clutterly has a menu of pricing strategies to fit a variety of situations. Below is a menu of those strategies:
  • Project Basis
  • Hourly Rate
  • Half-day Rate
  • Full-day Rate
  • Multi-day Discount Package
  • Do - It - Yourself Plan