What Should Hang in Your Closet

Having a nice organized closet is not only refreshing but it actually serves a purpose. Properly storing clothes can preserve the longevity of the items and keep them looking nice for a long time. When it comes to closet organizing, many people are unsure of what they should hang up or what they should fold and store somewhere else. Whether you are working to declutter, or just trying to get some home organizing done, this article will go over what should be hung up and what items should be stored elsewhere.

Things to Hang in Your Closet


Lightweight and heavier dresses both should be hung up in your closet. You can use padded hangers for the heavy dresses to preserve the shoulder shape. Light dresses with thin straps can be criss-crossed around the hanger to prevent them from constantly slipping off.

Cardigans and Light Sweater

Cardigans and light sweaters are perfectly fine to hang in your closet as long as they aren’t too heavy. Heavy materials tend to stretch out when hung up, so the lighter the better! You could also fold/drape the sweaters on the hanger if you are nervous about stretching.


Blouses with collars should be hung with the top button closed to help keep its shape. Be careful not to overstretch blouses when hanging them up and use non-slip hangers to prevent them from falling off.

Dress Pants

Dress pants or trousers are great for hanging in your closet. Use a skirt hanger to avoid pesky creases and to save space!

Jackets and Coats

Jackets, coats, and blazers are all perfectly fine to hang up. Plastic hanger typically do the trick but an even better idea would be to use curved suit hangers. There are even shoulder covers you could buy to keep them clean and dust free!


Skirts do well hung with the use of skirt hangers. You can even make your own skirt hanger with plastic clips, clothespins, or even chip clips will do the job.


My preference for scarves is to hang them so they don’t get tangled or wrinkled. You can use regular hangers or invest in a specific scarf hanger to save some space. They can also be hung and displayed as an art piece. For great scarf hanging ideas google “how to hang scarves” …

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