When Is It Time to Hire a Professional Organizer?

Ok, so you’ve been trying for years to get organized.  You’ve bought tons of books and magazines, scan the internet regularly, and now are in the crosshairs of every gadget supplier on the Web.  You’ve spent countless dollars on a myriad of baskets, bins, sorters, racks, hooks, calendars, and cubby systems, aching for the perfect answer to the fight against clutter.  You experience moments of relief, a flash of promise, a glimpse of what could be.  But, before long the clutter is back, and chaos reigns supreme

Frustrating, maddening, overwhelming, or demoralizing.  Whether you are mildly or wildly disorganized, getting organized is elusive; you never cross the finish line.  Is it fatal?  Are you doomed to never living in a clutter-free space?  Absolutely not.  A good professional organizer comes with a toolbox of tips and tricks to help you get and stay organized.  There is no reason to give up and every reason to get help.  Don’t confront the enemy alone as you have been doing for years.  Use an army of support that includes a good professional organizer for learning, getting and staying organized.  If you have been struggling to do this on your own, I urge you to use the most significant self-help tool that exists – your ability to ask for and accept help.

Now, let’s talk about some other reasons why you might need the help of a professional organizer:

You Want to Get Organized but Don’t Have Time to Do It Yourself?  Getting organized takes a ton of time and just when you’ve got the time, another project takes priority.  If “getting organized” has been on top of your list of things to do for years, consider whether this is the time to finally make something happen.

• You’re Moving – Yikes!  Hiring a professional organizer to help before or after a move can be a lifesaver!

• You Work or Run a Business From Home – Setting up an organized, highly efficient home office can help you stay at the top of your game.

• You’re in a Major Life Transition – Whether it’s organizing baby gear for new parents; helping aging parents who need to downsize; helping to organize deceased one’s belongings or simply getting a fresh start after a divorce, a professional organizer can help bring a sense of order to your home and psyche when you need it most. 

• Your Papers are a Complete Disaster – If you are overwhelmed with piles and boxes of papers, a professional organizer can help you discern which papers need to be kept and which can be safely discarded, and then set up a filing system that works uniquely for you.

• You’re Totally Overwhelmed – Friends, if clutter is taking over your home and you just want something different, a professional organizer can help.  You don’t need to feel embarrassed or shame; a good professional organizer has truly seen it all and comes with judgment-free eyes.  In fact, you will feel the weight of the world off your shoulders and wonder what took you so long from taking that first most important step. 

Clutterly’s dream is to help as many people as possible who wish for a life of de-cluttered spaces.  We pride ourselves on excellence, on being diplomatic, empathetic, willing to listen, non-judgmental, creative, patient, and trustworthy.  If you would like more information, please contact us either by phone (719-645-8277), email (info@clutterly.com), or online.

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